"I've just visited your site. Congrats!!! The bags are very original and unique, I love things like these! You are very creative and you have a very good imagination. I am a little bit jealous! Once again, congrats!" ~Anita.

"The bag looks even more beautiful in real life than in the picture, and the quality of work is gorgeous. I proudly wear it and show it to everyone!
~helgus88 (Summer flowers bag)

"I fell in love with this bag!" 
~Zita (Brown leather bag)

"Dear Judit,
I 've received the bag.
It is simply fantastic!! Thank you so much!
And I especially thank you for the cute little bag it came in!! I was very happy too meet you and I will follow you on the MESKA website ."
~Vilmos (Embroidered blue jean bag)

"Awesome! I have never seen anything like this!" 
~Anita (Sun disc-Sun Godess bag)

"Good job, It looks great!"
~Katalin (Sun disc-Sun Godess bag)

"I bought this beauty! Make a lot more of these because they are so great!"  ~Rita (Romantic purse)

"It's a lot more beautiful than the picture!"
~Rita (Woven green-orange bag)

"It's a beautiful bag! I have been watching it for a while, and when I saw it in real life, I was absolutely sold on it. High quality work, and very nice customer service :)" ~Millia (Oversized red bag)

"Wonderfully put together, pleasing colors. I'm lost in the exciting details, the meticulous workmanship. The fine fabric nuzzles up to one's body, it's amazing to hold! I was met with unmatched friendliness and helpfulness here, which means a lot to me. I thank you from my heart and warmly recommend you to everyone!"
~Kati (Vintage crocheted purse)

"I bought a unique purse that is outstanding both in appearance and in use from an immensely kind, helpful, and attentive seller!"
~Zita (Brown leather bag)