I am a trained fashion industry modelling technician. I've been designing and sewing clothes and bags, and trying out all kinds of handicraft techniques, since I was a child. Since I've always been drawn to unusual textiles, clothes, and textures, many years ago I started collecting – anything that made my imagination soar. I always dreamt in fabrics, forms, and colors, that all just awaited their realization in the real world. I took them apart, I re-tailored them, I cut them up, and I dreamt them all anew. Now I am finally at a point in my life when I feel that I can share my dreams with others – in the shape of bags and purses. I can finally use up my treasure trove of collected fabrics and items. In today's world, environmental concsiousness is very important, and that's why I feel that I can do something to protect our planet by giving new life, form, and roles to tired, forgotten, and cast off fabrics and accessories.

about me